RO6000 Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

RO6000 Industrial Reverse Osmosis System
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The RO6000 is a purification filter for laboratory and industrial use. See specification below.
Built to order, following consultation with manufacturer.

Replacement Filters:
Pre-Filters: 20" - PPS x2
RO Membrane: TFC - 4040 x4
The RO membrane you use will depend on the water that will be passing through. There are 2 types, the TW-4040 and the BW-4040. The tap water (TW) and brackish water (BW) membrane elements are identical in physical dimension.

The outside of the BW membrane elements are fiberglass wrapped, while the TW membrane elements are only tape wrapped. When choosing between elements with or without a fiberglass outer shell, please consider that the membrane and element performance is the same between the two different element types. Due to structural strength, fiberglassed elements are recommended for systems with three or more elements in a single housing. Taped elements are recommended for systems with one or two elements per housing.

For more information on choosing a membrane click here.

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