JA-503 Replacement Filter

JA-503 Replacement Filter
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Silver Coated Active Carbon JA-503 replacement filter.

The JA503 extruded carbon filter reduces soluble lead using a powerful ion-exchange filter medium with high specificity for soluble lead. Particulate filtration is used to intercept insoluble lead-containing particles, even those less than 2 m in diameter


Mixture of fine-mesh granular carbons and ultra-micronized ion-exchange filtration medium in high integrity extruded structure. 99.984%+ reduction of 3-4 m particulates. 99.96%+ reduction of 1-2 m particulates. Graded-density prefiltration design.


  • Efficient reduction of soluble lead.
  • High chemical adsorptive capacity.
  • No channelling / no fluidizing / no bypassing.
  • High TOC reduction.
  • Eliminates release of carbon fines.
  • Efficient reduction of insoluble lead particles.
  • Cyst reduction: Giardia lamblia , Cryptosporidium.
  • Effective turbidity reduction.
  • Maximum service life, resistance to fouling.
  • Lowest extractable, pure materials of construction.
  • We recommend you change this filter every 12 months*.

    * Cartridge longevity and performance depend on water usage and level of contamination.