Whole House Filter WHF20-03

Whole House Filter WHF20-03
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3 Stage High Flow (Big Blue) housings with standing frame and filters supplied.

Read our 10 Reasons to use a Whole House Water Filter.

Whole house filters remove chlorine and other chemical tastes, odours plus dirt and sediments making water cleaner, clearer, and safer for your whole house.
In addition, they also protect your appliances, fixtures and pipelines. Our whole house filters are usually placed in the main water line entering the home and generally have capacities to filter 10,000 - 100,000 gallons of water before you have to change the cartridge.

  • Heavy duty "Big Blue" housing with pressure relief valve
  • NSF certified materials
  • NO backwashing or media regeneration required
  • Relatively long filter life - cost effective long-term operation
  • Simple installation
  • High flow design and extremely low pressure drop
  • Easy to replace filters - handy spanner wrench included with all systems

All whole house filters include a standing frame, spanner and cartridge filters.

Replacement Filters:*

Stage 1: 20" Big Blue Sediment Filter: This 20" Big Blue sediment filter is made of 100% pure polypropylene fibres. High capacity filter removes dusts, particles and rusts.

Stage 2: 20" Big Blue Granular Activated Carbon Filter: This 20" Big Blue granular activated carbon filter is composed of high-performance activated carbon that removes 99% of contaminants including chlorine, odour, pesticides and organic chemicals. It provides enhanced reduction of taste, odour, and colour.

Stage 3: 20" Big Blue Carbon Block: This 20" Big Blue carbon block filter is composed of high-performance carbon that removes 99% of chlorine, odour, organic contaminants, pesticides and chemicals that contributed to taste and odour.

*We recommend you change these filters every 6 months. Cartridge longevity and performance depend on water usage and level of contamination.

We all enjoy a long, steamy shower. However, when chlorine is heated, it vaporises. If your water has been treated with chlorine, there is the possibility that you could be inhaling up to 50 times more chlorine than you would from a glass of unfiltered tap water.

When you swim in a pool where chlorine and other chemical levels have been added, you know the irritating, allergy-provoking effect they can have on your eyes, respiratory system, sinuses, skin and hair. And whilst it's highly unlikely that your shower would be as chlorine or chemical-laden as a swimming pool, over time, it is possible that repetitive exposure will contribute to common complaints such as psoriasis and eczema. Children and those with mature and/or sensitive skin and hair are particularly vulnerable.

Our whole house water filter units have been especially designed to remove chlorine, chemicals and heavy metals from your water supply. Systems are available in a range of sizes and are installed onto your mains water supply so that every source of water in your house is freshly filtered. Whole house water filters are easily fitted by any competent plumber.